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O Captain!
My Captain!

Set a new course - live the sailing adventure!
From 15 April to 24 April, Sailing Affairs invites you to transcend the boundaries of your everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of sailing.


What awaits you!

  • Living on board a sailing boat and taking part in the daily routines.

  • Immersion in maritime traditions and culture.

  • Introduction to sailing from an experienced skipper.

  • Excursions and explorations of secluded bays and coastlines.

  • Recreation and relaxation far away from the stress of everyday life.

  • Unique photo opportunities.

  • Sailing on planned routes

  • Personal development through challenges

  • Discovering the joy of life with minimalist means.

  • If desired: yoga or meditation sessions on deck.

Intense attitude to life

Discover the simplicity and intensity of life on board a sailing boat. What counts here is the here and now, characterised by wind and waves. Reduced to the essentials, what does it mean to live on board a sailing boat?

Conscious deceleration

On board our sailing boat, you will experience what conscious living looks like. Far away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the mainland, you will find peace and quiet and can savour the tranquillity of the ocean to the full. This deceleration is balm for the soul and opens your eyes to what is really important.

Authentic seafaring experience

Experience the true spirit of sailing by actively participating in life on board. It's a journey back to basics where you learn to navigate in harmony with the elements and appreciate the value of simple pleasures.

Part of a community

The sailing community on board is unique. Together we share a passion for the sea, support each other and create unforgettable memories. This bond makes every trip something very special.


Our offer

9 days on the boat.

With skipper and on-board dog. With a maximum of 4 guests

1200 Euro per person

You can view the scope of our offer to you under Services. As part of this special event, we are taking the liberty of excluding the on-board catering, the host and the transfer. Everything else remains the same.

An exciting adventure awaits you!

Sign up and learn what it means to be free!

Join us and secure a place on our sailing boat. Experience an unforgettable time that will enrich your life.

Further questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Danke schön für deine Kontaktaufnahme. / Thank you for your message.

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